Push for Pennsic 2017

Push for Pennsic 2017 will be held July 7th-9th at the Butler County Fairgrounds

1715 Fairgrove Avenue, Hamilton, Ohio 45014 (Same place as 2016)

More info to come.


Non-member Registration fee:
Adult= $17
SCA Member registration fee:
Adult= $12
Kids 6-17 =$6 (5 years and under are Free. No non member surcharge for kids)
Camping fee= NONE (RVs welcome hookups are $35 a night)

Troll opens at
Friday: 5:30pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00am to 3:00pm
Head troll: Genevieve de Mirabel

Lunch Tavern : Havenholde

Rapier MIC:  Master Colin MacNish

Heavy MIC:  Sir. Magnus Refsson

Thrown Weapons MIC:  Mistress Mary Garrett of Seasalter and Baron Eirik the Elder.

Archery MIC: Einarr Ginnfastsson

Youth Marshal MIC: Auðin Hrafnsson

Classes and Artisan row:  Bardas Arianites

Royalty Liaison: Aldis Sigurdarðottir

Merchant o Crat:  Lady Loren Duilliath Siemster                                                                                                                                            Contact info:513-257-3345. Email: Lorenkuhlmann@cinci.rr.com.


       Thrown Weapons:

We plan to have the TW Range open from 10 AM to 4:30 PM. There will be a separate Youth Range for younger throwers. We will be hosting the first Barony of Flaming Gryphon Baronial Thrown Weapons Competitions for Youth and Adult. No experience needed. We provide loaner weapons and are happy to teach everyone to throw. Hoping to hold the ‘finals’ at around 4 PM, so the populace can come and watch (if that works out for Their Excellencies and the Regional Archery shoot)



     The smells and sounds of upcoming war are in the air. The levies are mustered and drilling in preparation for the fight that we pray may not come. As our fellow soldiers pick up sword and shield, spear or axe it is time for the archers to pick up their bows and prepare for what is to come. We must be ready to answer the call of our King, our Prince and our Barons. We, the archers are charged to not only assist in the fights upon the field, but to stand guard, always vigilant on the lands we conquer to protect our tired comrades. We’ve trained in all corners of our Kingdom to fight upon the land, but we may venture to defend the shores of the lands we may take. It is for this reason, that at Push for Pennsic, the archery corps will train and test themselves for the fight on the shores and upon the water. Shoots will be hosted throughout the day including the South Oaken Regional Championship. Some shoots will be for individuals, and others for randomly created archery teams. These shoots are expected to include:

The Viking Raiding Party Shoot (Advancing Army) – Defend your shores against the raiding Northman!

Naval Archery Feats Through History – Can you re-create some of the greatest archery feats of the Middle Ages?

Flotilla Assault (Clout Shoot) – How much damage and destruction can you rain upon the enemy fleet? Mundane Vs Period (Friend/Foe) – A fun twist on a typical shoot And more to added! Expect some craziness and a lot of fun (and bragging rights, of course)

The range will be closed for the Flaming Gryphon Thrown Weapons Baronial Championship.

Rapier combat  or “South Oaken Regional Academy of Defence”

Academy of Defense style event with class track and some other stuff still to be determined.

Youth Combat:

TBD around thrown weapons championship times.


Heavy combat:

                                                          Push for Pennsic Jorvik! 2017

How Archie Got His Meade Back!

Earl Arch has launched ships to retake his booth in York. Come fight your way through Anglo Saxon lands to the New Danish Kingdom of Jorvik and share in Arch’s meade when that thieving Dane has been put down!

As in years past we will be continuing the theme of historically based narrative battles. This year will be a progressive campaign through 10th century England fought by the defending Anglo Saxons with Danish allies against the attacking Norse raiders.

The battles will have dynamic numbers, designed to be fought with uneven sides that fluctuate from battle to battle. The specifics of the story will be told the day of the event. So be there if you want to have some fun!
Heavy Combat Schedule:

9:30 am List opens for inspections, authorizations, and pickups

10:30 am Novice Tourney: Open to all fighters who have been authorized less than 3 years, have not previously won any tournaments, and who have no Kingdom level awards.

11:00 am Meade Raid!

The battle scenarios are planned to be as follows:

Beach Landing: The Norse will storm from their longships (built by hay bails as in years passed) and fight their way along a narrow beach. The Norse raiders will have unlimited resurrection as will the Anglo Saxon Leader (to be announced day of). The battle ends when the Anglo Saxon Leader is captured (yields or is given a telling blow). Attackers will have unlimited lives and will resurrect in groups as if new ships have landed and the defending Saxons will have no lives beyond their first.

Combat Archery is allowed and encouraged for all battles. During this battle only, defending (Anglo Saxon) archers are assumed to be on bluffs overlooking the beach and can therefore only be killed by archers from the Norse Raiders.

Beach Trail: Defenders fall back along a narrow trail and have unlimited resurrection to a certain point, after which they will no longer have extra lives. Attacking Norse raiders will have unlimited lives throughout the fight. The battle ends when the attackers have pushed the defenders back beyond their point of resurrection and killed the entire force.

Open Field: This battle will be fought to the last man for the Defenders. Attackers will be required to resurrect in 5-10 man units.

Mountain Pass/Bridge: 10-15 minute resurrection battle. Unlimited lives for both sides. Combat Archery as normal.

Broken Field: Anglo Saxons use delaying tactics to stop the Norse advance!. Each side will have a set number of resurrections and victory conditions.

Village Battle: Norse raiders will be attacking through a village gate and will need to retake several buildings. Attackers will have unlimited resurrections while the defending Anglo Saxons will have 3 (that’s 4 total lives folks). Attackers will res outside the town gate and defenders will res behind their last building.
Come on out and join us for a hard day of fighting with some historical context!

YIS – Sir Magnus

I’d also like to give a special Thank You to Earl Arch Teryx for putting together the battle story for this event.